057: Lindsey Germono and Bobbie Anne Williams

057: Lindsey Germono and Bobbie Anne Williams

In the Drop and Give Me 20 season finale, Lindsey Germono and Bobbie Anne Williams walk listeners through the steps on running a podcast!

In part 1, Lindsey discusses the steps leading up to the recording.  Then Bobbie Anne Williams, our Marketing Assistant, shares her steps in communicating the podcast out.


  • [01:15] Things to think about before starting a podcast
  • [02:20] Steps in recording a podcast
  • [02:32] Finding a guest
  • [04:20] Recording and editing
  • [05:40] Publishing
  • [07:00] Marketing
  • [07:17] Distributing to all social media channels
  • [08:09] Making sure to tag guests on every platforms
  • [08:30] Partnering the podcast themes with the marketing themes
  • [08:50] Repurposing the podcast episodes


  • [02:32] “The very first step is to find a guest. I have toyed with a couple different formats, a couple different themes over the course of the years and I think that that’s a great thing to do as well. I was very nervous about changing the format in season 2 but every single seasons, I’ve done them a little bit different.”


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