3 Tips for Growing Your Business in the San Diego Market

3 Tips for Growing Your Business in the San Diego Market

By Marketing Coach, Sara Carey

Expanding your business in a large metropolitan area comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. San Diego is brimming with opportunity, but if you don’t know where to start, it may seem a bit daunting. As a Marketing Coach for Germono Advertising company, here is how I would tackle this challenge.


1. Attend Networking Events – How many times have you heard this? Okay. Plenty. The challenge with San Diego is finding the right networking events to attend since there is an event around every corner on every weekday. I recently attended the San Diego Regional Chamber event (had a fabulous time, shoutout to the SD Chamber!) to build new connections because I know this where my key clients will be attending. If you don’t live in San Diego county? There are a plethora of beach towns around the Greater San Diego area, research your local Chamber of Commerce and get involved.  A huge thank you to Laura Torres for sharing this event with me!

Fresh out of the San Diego Chamber Event on June 20, 2018

For the West Coast casual networkers out there, check out www.meetup.com and join a local meetup group. Meetup features groups in your area centered on everything from business / marketing to hiking and eating. Who doesn’t love building client relationships over wine?

2. Start Small – Don’t try to conquer the whole county at once. I say this because you will end up spreading yourself too thin and make lackluster connections. I live by the motto quality versus quantity. Start by building connections within your specific San Diego county area and make them genuine. At Germono Advertising Company, one of the business practices that we pride ourselves on is forming honest and caring client relationships. As a Marketing Coach, I want to see my clients social media feeds blow up the internet and I know this doesn’t happen by applying a “one size fits all” model. Each client and each connection you meet will be different, so take the time to build those relationships because you never know who will be championing your business in the months to come.

3. Target your social media posts for the San Diego Market – I am not talking about Facebook Ads. Did you know there are ways to organically target your social media content for your local market? One tip that I always tell my clients is to do some research on local hashtags and use them. I love to use hashtags like #sandiegobusiness #sandiegoliving #sdchamber #sdbusiness etc.

If you would like to book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, I can teach you how to post at the opportune West Coast times, create content that targets the San Diego market and use the proper hashtags. Reach out to me at: sara@germono.com and we can discuss taking your business to the next level in San Diego!

Sara Carey