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Marketing Coach

Job type:  Commission-based
Our mission is simple: to provide business owners with peace of mind and alleviate the stress of planning and managing advertising on their own. From start to finish, our clients are positioned for success with Germono Advertising Company. From planning, purchasing and managing television, print, radio and outdoor advertisements to social media, we use a consultative and educational approach to help each of our clients meet their marketing, advertising and business goals.


The major duties of our Marketing Coaches involve connecting quickly with people in a poised, convincing, and enthusiastic way.  Our marketing coaches work at an extremely fast pace, and require working cooperatively with and through people in order to complete tasks, and are integral in motivating others.  The position requires team or collaborative work within the organization, and is integral in bringing out the best in others.  This job requires a strong sense of urgency, initiative, and drive to get things done correctly, with emphasis on working with and through people in the process.  Understanding people well and using that understanding effectively in motivating and persuading others to act, is an important aspect of the Marketing Coach position.  It is important in this role for goals to be set and reached, and for tasks to be completed in a timely manner.  Decisions have to be made under pressure, and will generally need the ideas and advice of others.  Details will need to be handled quickly and accurately, but will not be a repetitive part of the position.  Many tasks as a Marketing Coach may entail selling or persuading others, and/or may entail training others in some capacity.  This position involves controlling all aspects of tasks, from the initiation, through the process and through to completion.


Do you think you have what it takes to provide marketing and advertising help to business owners?  Are you interested in a flexible, remote position allowing you the freedom to earn as much income as you’d like?  Want to embrace, live, and model the Germono Advertising Company mission by performing agency duties, interacting with clients and helping us build and maintain an elite client program that educates, engages, and contributes to their success?  Know how to generate your own leads in order to drive your success?  This position is a W2 position (employee) versus that of a 1099 (freelancer/contractor).  We are unable to consider applicants that have their own entrepreneurial endeavors.


We like to have fun here. Are you ready?



  • You’re a marketing connoisseur. You understand the needs of different industries and enjoy developing creative content and strategy for a variety of businesses.
  • You understand and can advise business owners on blogging, graphic design, website, and digital content. You’re versatile and can help business owners quickly switch from crafting a punchy one-liner to a detailed blog post. You can instruct business owners on how to create a beautifully formatted graphic to coincide with social media.
  • You’re social. Not only do you have your own social media feeds, but you’ve also successfully managed feeds for an organization, running campaigns and overseeing content. You dig Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, and follow trends and changes within each platform with excitement and an unending curiosity about up-and-coming channels and their potential. You understand what kind of content works where and how to use paid placements to amplify organic reach.
  • You balance creativity with practicality. You know that beautiful content is wasted if it’s not discovered, consumed or shared. That’s why you embrace SEO, A/B testing and analytics and can walk a business owner through reporting tools to help their business grow.
  • You understand public relations, television, radio and print media. As a consultant, you can guide a business owner on the essentials when it comes to traditional media.


The Marketing Coach will play a key role in the following:

  • Content creation for clients. You will help source, develop or edit content for a client to include including written, visual and interactive content for blogs, website, press releases, marketing collateral, internal communications and more.
  • Social media management. You’ll manage their social media feeds, including developing seasonal editorial calendars, growing engagement and reach, creating and maintaining relationships with followers and day-to day management and deployment.
  • Content-related thought leadership and strategy. You’ll be our go-to for content, communications and social sites, providing guidance for marketing, operations, and clients.
  • Your pitch game is strong.  You can deliver compelling proposals, PowerPoint presentations, and research to clients, making it nearly impossible for them not to hire you.  You certainly don’t shy away from a “no” and see it as an opportunity.
  • Creative ideas.  You’ll use your creativity to develop high impact social media strategies and campaigns to grow client social media presence, acquire new customers, and generate sales.
  • Detail-oriented results.  You will provide solutions that are based on consumer insights and research in the context of overall marketing and online marketing strategies.
  • Team meetings.  Our staff meetings are held virtually once a week. We also have occasional off-sites and other opportunities to meet in-person.  You dig this.  Team is your middle name.


Our Marketing Coaches must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications or related field
  • At least one year of content marketing and social marketing experience
  • At least one year of driving social media management for an organization, including a track record of cost-effectively growing audience and engagement
  • Excellent and versatile copywriting, editing and proofreading skills – especially editing content for the web
  • A keen understanding of the benefits, nuances and best practices of different social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and others
  • A passion for storytelling through multiple media types, both visual and written
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines, adjust to changes in priorities and balance short-term needs with long-term strategic initiatives
  • Passion and expertise in online marketing best practices, industry trends, SEO/SEM/online media, analytics, web technology, mobile campaigns, community and the concepts of creative and brand strategy
  • Have access to your own computer and Wi-Fi (the position is remote)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Basic proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop and image processing)
  • Basic proficiency in HTML and CSS
  • Black-belt knowledge of social CRM best-practices, Social Marketing Management tools (SMM) and Content Management Systems (CMS),  for example, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and others.
  • Significant experience in producing website and social media content and managing projects
  • Ability to explain social media to any audience and drive content management

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1. Complete the following assessment required of all candidates:  ASSESSMENT

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