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We hired Lindsey and her team to help while I was out on maternity leave. I knew that our social media channels would be in good hands because her team is always up on best practices across the board. They helped up set up a system to plan our posts that we still use to this day.

United Through Reading

Occasionally you meet someone with integrity in business. If you are on this page you have found a company that is that way. Lindsey Germono your coaching this week and help with our campaign has been such a blessing. It is such a breath of fresh air to not only hear what you can do but, WOW, see it performed with professionalism and expertly delivered! You ROCK! We look forward to continuing to learn more about you and your teams capabilities and growing our relationship with you! Germono Advertising Company

Ed Carr

Germono Advertising is a fun agency to work with! We have been working with them for over a year. They are well organized and always take the time to present creative ideas to consider.

The Quality Shops

Yes! Lindsey was absolutely awesome. She was patient and really got in to the meat and potatoes of everything with me. We logged in to social media and pinpointed my target audience and even the times that my social media got the most action. Lindsey was super helpful, patient and I think that she could really help my business grow and I look forward to it. It was very helpful and all of the items she mentioned were attainable things. I liked that Lindsey coached me on how to do it instead of just taking my money. By that, I mean, she told me I needed a budget of at least 2k/month in order to see results. I appreciate that b/c she could've taken my little $500 and I would've been extremely disappointed.

Marketing Coaching Session  |  Retail Industry

I really liked how Lindsey went over the things I could do on my different social media accounts to get more visibility, and how she explained how the ``business`` side of it works - the insights from Facebook, the use of hashtags on Instagram, turning me on the Hootsuite, etc. I liked how informative Lindsey and her staff were about social media advertising.

Marketing Coaching Session  |  Realtor

Thanks so much for coming in to meet with us and your great advice. So nice to continue relationships over a long period of time!

Joy Burton | Retail Alliance

I was truly impressed with Lindsey's passion for her business. It comes through in her presentation. I didn't realize I didn't know squat about social media. It was pretty darn awesome, not sure if it gets any better! Thank you!

Brandon Lewis | Monarch Mortgage Presentation

Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that you’re doing a fabulous job with our social media! I’ve been really impressed. Thanks so much for your hard work.

Michele Bradfield | InDependent

I thought everything was really great and learned so much! I liked all of the insight on different uses of social media.

Attendee | Monarch Mortgage Presentation

Speaking on the phone with Lindsey yesterday was eye opening. In 45 minutes, she did a website/marketing analysis on my business. We both came away with action items that will help me get to the next level. Very excited about working with her more in the future.

Todd Bowen | High Speed Health

Lindsey is a knowledgeable woman who is obviously a strategic thinker in her field. She is quick to create a plan to action and hit the ground running. She is also very capable of leading and mentoring individuals to teams. I highly recommend her!

Gigi Rodgers | Puck’n Khaos

Lindsey at Germono Advertising Company saved my business. She is a media genius which is essential for success in this digital age. Prices are so reasonable, you can’t afford to not use Germono.

Kay Freeman | Anytime Fitness Red Mill

Lindsey and I first met when I was assisting small business owners through Retail Alliance. She taught a class on the basics of television advertising to a small group of Chesapeake retailers. Her talk was so informative and she never made a pushy sales pitch. It is clear that her passion is educating and helping business owners become successful. I was thrilled when she told me she was opening her own company. Later, I asked Lindsey to help a non-profit I worked for with media buys because I knew I could trust her because she is so honest and straight forward. She always asks questions that the client hadn’t thought to ask. I highly recommend Germono Advertising Company for all size businesses.

Sarah Kingsley | Norfolk, Virginia

I found Lindsey Germono to be very personable, passionate about her work, and quite knowledgeable about marketing–especially in the Hampton Roads area. I will have no problem at all making referrals to her with complete confidence! The social media suggestions are right on target and could advance awareness of our brand quite significantly.

Dr. Rich Kidd | The Dingman Company, Inc.

Lindsey’s advertising knowledge and drive to deliver make her the ideal person to help you achieve your goals. She knows not only the right people, but the Hampton Roads area, and her connections will greatly aid in the success of your business. When you choose Germono, you choose success. You are in good hands if you choose to work with Lindsey because she wants you to succeed, and goes above and beyond to make sure this happens. She thoroughly researches your field, provides you with sound, creative, ideas, makes it realistic for you, and helps you create a strategy that works. I am so glad to be connected with her!

Claire Yanta O’Mahoney | Fleur de Lis Fitness

Germono Advertising has continued to prove to be an invaluable asset in terms of media buying and consulting. Their representation, along with the work of the staff, have brought Historic St. Luke’s from sleepy historic site and museum to bustling cultural experience.

Joseph Tapia | Historic St. Luke’s Church

I just had the most amazing conversation with Lindsey. She understands my vision and has the knowledge, skills, expertise to help me build my brand. Highly recommend her for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level and achieve greater visibility.

Bernadette Andrews | Illinois

Lindsey provided me with a one hour marketing coaching session to help me market my new business. She was prepared with websites, research, and knowledge of my company. She took the time to walk me through new ways of professionally targeting my audience. I would recommend her to any new company out there trying to reach potential clients. I liked that Lindsey had me and my business in her best interest by looking int o the legal side of my company that I didn't even know about. Lindsey was very informative and patient with me as well. She was knowledgeable about my company and my current social media accounts. She had great new ideas and even showed me how to create images and my business page!

Marketing Coaching Session | MLM/Direct Sales