| Why Authenticity is Key

Why Authenticity is Key

By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff


If you hadn’t figured out already, social media is one of the most organic ways to advertise your business. With that being said, a word that goes hand in hand with “organic”, is the word “authentic”.  Consider how social media platforms optimally work: they provide businesses with a way to connect with existing and potential customers, providing a place for conversation between others and feedback for your company. Being organic and authentic is something Germono Advertising Company likes to emphasize to our clients. When coming up with verbiage and postings, we advise companies to showcase the legitimacy and uniqueness of their business. Social media marketing strategies are about building trust with potential consumers – this is guaranteed to lead to more sales in the long run. Long gone are the days of staged hapiness, sunshine, and rainbows. Your followers want to see you…the REAL YOU.


Here are some ideas to showcase your authenticity:

  •  DO talk about your successes AS WELL as your struggles.
  •  DO show some behind the scenes actions.
  •  DO create some candid video clips – tips/tricks, events, etc..
  •  DON’T stage photos that are not true to your brand.
  •  DON’T follow in the footsteps of “influencers”.
  •  DON’T pay for followers.


We feel that it is important that individuals realize that being authentic is about defining your core and brand values and sticking with it. We like to say that social media isn’t always about selling something to individuals. It’s about forming relationships and encouraging an engaged and loyal following.

Want to make sure your social media feeds are reflecting your authenticity? Drop me a line and we can set up a complimentary consultation!Email me at Cali@germono.com


Germono Advertising Company Team