| 008: [Mini-Series] Podtent Marketing

008: [Mini-Series] Podtent Marketing

008: [Mini-Series] Podtent Marketing

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey Germono speaks with Laura Petersen, Co-founder of Podtent Marketing, Podcast Teachers, host of Copy that Pops, and author of the Amazon Best Seller, Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy.

Important topics they discuss:

  • [1:28] The Power of Podcasting
  • [3:07] How to DIY Your Podcast
  • [5:25] How to Get Help Starting Your Podcast



“Podcasts are the only type of content that an audience can consume while multitasking. Jogging the park? You can’t watch a video and you can’t read a blog article. You can really get in someone’s head with a podcast though.” – Laura Petersen


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