| 010: Tapfer Consulting

010: Tapfer Consulting

010: Tapfer Consulting

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In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey Germono speaks with Kathy Stoddard Torrey, Founder of Tapfer Consulting. Kathy is a life and relationship coach with an MBA who trains, assesses, facilitates, builds teams, and coaches.

Important topics they discuss:

  • [3:00] All About Kathy and the history of Tapfer Consulting
  • [5:15] Why did Kathy launch her consulting business?
  • [7:35] Baby steps get you moving: Advice for new entrepreneurs on how to start
  • [12:40] How Kathy handled changes and challenges as an entrepreneur
  • [17:30] Perfection is the enemy



“Perfection…It is an entrepreneur’s worst enemy. We want it to be perfect so we never end up sending it out the door…80% out the door is better than 100% sitting on your desk!” – Kathy Stoddard Torrey



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