| 020: [Mini-Series] Jim Friddell

020: [Mini-Series] Jim Friddell

020: [Mini-Series] Jim Friddell

This segment is the fifth and last of a 5 part series dedicated to our active duty service members transitioning out of the service and starting their entrepreneurial journey.  Lindsey Germono interviews marine veteran Jim Friddell.

Important topics they discuss:

  • [01:22] What Jim does and his time in the service
  • [3:34] What motivated him to start a business
  • [5:04] Investing and having savings
  • [6:44] What it was like working for someone else
  • [11:10] The current investment industry setup
  • [13:09] From one coffee to a business
  • [15:11] Finding great partners
  • [18:20] Mistakes he made along the way
  • [19:00] Results and revenues

“When you start making a lot of money and you’re not use to making money. You don’t know what to do with it.” -Jim Friddell

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