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036: Sales

036: Sales

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey interviews Jen Griswold and Mike Dugan. They were hand selected because they both bring incredible insights to a very interesting topic that we all have to talk about as we run our businesses and that is—SALES.

Jen Griswold is a veteran, an entrepreneur, and an author. An Air Force veteran by trade, Jen is the proud author of the new book Mission: Entrepreneur. This book is for busy people who are on the hunt for a flexible career. Mission: Entrepreneur is a compilation of stories from entrepreneurs who’ve used lessons learned from military life—work ethic, vision, passion, and resilience—to start and grow profitable businesses.

Mike Dugan is a former Navy fighter pilot and now a licensed advisor for Sales Xceleration, an organization dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses break their all-time sales records. Mike brings with him over 25 years of experience as a successful sales executive ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to smaller entrepreneurial businesses.

Important topics they discuss:

  • [01:54] Jen’s background and how she started her business
  • [03:27] Mike’s background and his current career
  • [04:49] How they see sales and why it scares people
  • [08:16] Eighty-five percent of the buying process occurs online
  • [08:42] Consumers needing insights through professional sales people
  • [09:46] Is sales something you can teach?
  • [14:40] Dos and Don’ts in sales
  • [18:27] Additional thoughts on sales and how it pertains to military entrepreneurs



“The military is a great training ground for any business. And it is especially made for sales because at a young age both officers and enlisted men and women are given a high degree of responsibility . . . and that what sales is.” -Mike Dugan


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