| 038: Collaboration

038: Collaboration

038: Collaboration

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey interviews military spouses Kristen Smith and Moni Jefferson. They talk about the concept of collaboration and how it works.

Kristen is the founder of Blog Your Genius, an online education community for women who are looking to create out of the box professional opportunities. She’s also a longtime blogger and digital marketer.

Moni is an entrepreneur, PR professional, and accidental app creator. She runs a public relations firm and is also the brains behind MilSpouse Creative, a virtual global networking community for military spouse entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and create relationships. Plenty of gold nuggets in this episode so tune in!

Important topics they discuss:

  • [01:32] Kristen’s background
  • [02:20] Moni’s background
  • [04:20] Business relationships
  • [08:29] Advice to people when a collaboration is not working
  • [12:05] On giving each other a heads up
  • [13:06] On divorcing if things don’t match up
  • [14:52] What to do first when collaborating



“As you grow and you go through different stages with your business, you are going to need relationships, you’re gonna need other people to talk to and support you to point you in the right direction.” – Kristen Smith



Kristen’s Website
Moni’s Website


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