| 053: Gems Collins

053: Gems Collins

053: Gems Collins

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20 Season 4, Lindsey interviews Gems Collins, a business strategist, entrepreneur, and a military spouse.

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Gems Collins is a business strategist, entrepreneur, and military spouse. Her husband is an American service member. Gems is originally from the UK but moved to the US when she became a military spouse.

Gems helps military spouses discover their purpose and create their own businesses. In this episode, Lindsey and Gems talked about authenticity and entrepreneurship. Gems also shared her experiences dealing with authenticity in entrepreneurship, finding one’s why, and many more.


  • [01:32] Who Gems Collins is and what her business is all about
  • [02:32] How she started her business of helping other people
  • [04:42] Her thoughts on authenticity and entrepreneurship
  • [05:35] Gem’s past experience struggling with authenticity and entrepreneurship
  • [08:33] What authenticity means
  • [09:06] On focusing more on the message that you are giving people and how you want to help them
  • [11:02] Difference between being relatable and trying to change who you are
  • [12:02] On finding your tribe
  • [15:12] Learning how to cut out the noise
  • [18:30] Finding and understanding your WHY


  • [08:35] “Authenticity to me is showing and being your true self without any concern or repercussion for what other people see than us. So, it is being comfortable in knowing who you are and sharing that with people regardless of how you think they may think about it.”


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