| 060: Lauren Hope and Rachel Brenke

060: Lauren Hope and Rachel Brenke

060: Lauren Hope and Rachel Brenke

Welcome back to another episode of Drop and Give Me 20! We have two very special guests in this episode, Lauren Hope and Rachel Brenke.

Lauren Hope is the owner of owner, designer, and artisan behind Hope Design, Ltd ®. As a military spouse herself, she carefully hand crafts unique, military jewelry and accessories to honor our country’s service veterans and heroes. Lauren also founded the ShopMilitary Movement. #ShopMilitary is a national movement to support military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs.

Rachel Brenke is a master business coach and lawyer for photographers and online entrepreneurs (bloggers, speakers, etc.) operating the brands TheLawTog®, bloglegally, and fitlegally. She is the founder of the Business Bites podcast. She is also a mother of five, wife to an Army veteran, a practicing lawyer, an author, a cancer survivor, and a Team USA athlete.


  • [01:43] What to expect from the round table discussion with these military entrepreneurs
  • [02:44] How they are doing
  • [03:04] On being an entrepreneur and a parent
  • [03:34] How as military business owner you are in constant unplanned motion
  • [04:45] Reconnecting as a family through the pandemic
  • [05:15] Learning that emotions are temporary
  • [06:00] People wanting to start businesses in relationship to the pandemic
  • [11:10] A better trajectory by simplifying and focusing
  • [13:40] Their advice on new military spouses who want to start their business
  • [20:04] Be careful who you work with
  • [20:30] Information that new military entrepreneurs should be aware of
  • [30:08] Just because they wear a uniform, does not mean they are a good person.


  • [11:22] “…Having the space to be vulnerable and surrounding yourself with the people and even within your own mind. Identifying “I have these emotions. It’s temporary either I am frustrated or I am excited” and getting back to really the core of what’s important. It sounds so cliche but my word for the year has been “appreciation”. I’ve really learned appreciation but to get to that, I have to simplify the process.” – Rachel Brenke


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