| 066: Corey Henderson

066: Corey Henderson

066: Corey Henderson

Welcome back to another episode of Drop and Give Me 20!

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Corey Henderson from Stars and Stripes joins us in today’s episode.

Corey Henderson is a multimedia consultant with Stars and Stripes, a notable media outlet among the military community.

Listen to Corey’s experience as a mover and shaker in the military community and his advice on how to connect your business with media partners.


  • [1:27] Guest introductions
  • [3:06] Corey’s background
  • [4:11] Corey explains the art of pitching the right news stories
  • [5:14] Corey shares the perfect way to build media relations and networks
  • [6:26] Identifying the right media channel that resonates with the audience
  • [18:12] Fast talk with Lindsey and Corey


  • [07:35] “Make a comment or a reaction a reporter has posted on Twitter, and then you can position yourself as having an angle on it, having expertise on it. And you can grow that relationship and you may even become a source that a reporter goes to next time for more information on that story.” – Corey Henderson




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