| 070: Kaylee Mitchell Draisey

070: Kaylee Mitchell Draisey

070: Kaylee Mitchell Draisey

Welcome back to another episode of Drop and Give Me 20!

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Our guest for today’s episode is Kaylee Mitchell Daisy, a rockstar graphic designer of her own enterprise, Lazy Lemons.

As a young student in high school, Kaylee was tasked with preparing their yearbook and that was when her passion for designing came into the picture. She realized that this was something she wanted to do in the future and now has grown her business to include employees and work all across the states.

Kaylee loves her way of life so sharing some of the best practices is always part of what she advocates:  being an empowered career woman and entrepreneur, despite obstacles within the military community.



  • [2:59] Introducing Kaylee
  • [5:54] The importance of focus in a career
  • [9:20] The struggles in the military community
  • [13:22] Adapting to changes
  • [23:02] The best places to look for clients



  • “And sometimes I’ve had to work with clients and it took them a little bit to trust me like ‘Okay, she knows what she’s doing. I understood it. I understand now that she’s good at what she does.’ And so now, year after year, it is so much easier working with them and it just keeps getting better because they have built more trust with me…” – Kaylee Mitchell Daisy



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