| 073: Andy Nelson

073: Andy Nelson

073: Andy Nelson

Welcome back to another episode of Drop and Give Me 20! For today’s episode, our guest is Andy Nelson, a lawyer passionate about providing military community entrepreneurs the legal advice that protects their brands.

Listen as Lindsey and Andy discuss legal ramifications, perspectives on trademarks and copyrights in business, and how individuals and companies can protect their brands.



  • [01:32] Introducing Andy
  • [02:41] Andy’s career as a lawyer helping military entrepreneurs
  • [05:56] Discussions on trademarks and copyrights in business
  • [11:55] Differences in business concerns between military and civilian entrepreneurs
  • [16:05] Getting to know more about Andy’s life and career
  • [19:49] Andy’s advice in the legal aspect of entrepreneurship



  • [20:00] “Insulate your personal assets from liability. Two ways to do it: (1) have the right commercial insurance, (2) organize an entity.” –Andy Nelson




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