| 074: Melanie Simon

074: Melanie Simon

074: Melanie Simon

Welcome back to another episode of Drop and Give Me 20! Our guest for today’s episode is Melanie Simon. Melanie is an entrepreneur, magazine editor, and director of Candy & Valor Magazine.

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Like many of us, Melanie struggled in the military world and shares the obstacles she’s overcome while launching her beauty company. She is also the proud author and director of beauty magazine Candy and Valor.



  • [01:12] Introducing Melanie
  • [02:52] Melanie’s life story and how she got to where she is now
  • [04:00] How military life affected her business
  • [08:27] What pivoting looks like in her entrepreneurial path
  • [11:29] How her business thrived over the past two years
  • [14:20] What is she currently working on
  • [17:18]  Overview of Melanie’s magazine



  • [13:14] “Have a game plan. Your business plan is way more important I think, in this lifestyle, than any other area that you can think of beginning a business in like, what are you going to do when those challenges happen? And you’re going to go back to it.” Melanie Simon




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