| 076: Annie Peguero

076: Annie Peguero

076: Annie Peguero

Welcome back to another episode of Drop and Give Me 20! Drop and Give Me 20 brings Annie Peguero in for a discussion on success coaching for self and career development.

She focuses on her clients’ journey in breaking toxic cycles and generational trauma. Join us as we take a peek into her holistic vision of becoming your highest self.
Keep tuned to this episode, and find out how Annie achieved her transitions and milestones.


  • [1:23] We get to know more about Annie and her background, her niche, and her podcast aimed at inspiring other women and their abilities. 
  • [3:20] On her life before marriage, upon meeting her husband, and the transition after tying the knot. 
  • [9:28] She enumerates the struggles of military spouses and her experiences of overcoming some.
  • [11:15] She emphasizes that life, let alone being a military spouse, entrepreneur, or mother, can be messy, imperfect, and does not follow a blueprint.
  • [17:38] On her educational background and her first job
  • [20:31] She leaves us with the message to remember: “You are enough.”


  • [11:02] “The idea that you are whole. What you have to share with your community is going to help them. Let’s not be selfish and keep it trapped in our bodies. Let’s get it out there for people to use.” – Annie Peguero




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