| 2 Reasons To Start A Podcast Now

2 Reasons To Start A Podcast Now

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

What’s a podcast? To sum it up, it’s a piece of digital audio that’s consumed by streaming or digital download. They’re the modern day radio and they are at the height of popularity! With at least a dozen top platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Soundcloud to choose from, you can find a podcast for almost any subject, hobby, or community. The best part? They’re FREE to listen to. This makes them convenient and a great source of education or entertainment for listeners. If your business doesn’t have an associated podcast, then let’s talk about why now is the time to start one.


Whether you’re producing for entertainment or education purposes, a podcast can be a vital asset to the branding of your business. Each person processes information differently, so with a podcast you are given the opportunity to provide your followers with audio access to your business. In a time of constant multi-tasking you are allowing them to be involved in the conversations you are having with your community, on the go! Adding an audio extension of your business is also a great way to plant another seed for brand recognition.


A podcast is the perfect place to showcase your expertise! Posting beautifully curated content is great for getting attention but it doesn’t really show your followers why you are the one they should choose to give their business to. Podcasting lays the foundation to build creditability, not only with your followers but also within your industry. If you are providing value to your listeners then you are creating trust with them which in turn builds a relationship with your audience that let’s them know you are the go-to pro for your industry!

What is Drop And Give Me 20?

Drop And Give Me 20 is a podcast for military entrepreneurs produced by us – Germono Advertising Company! It gives entrepreneurs a glimpse into the life of other successful military entrepreneurs-learning from their obstacles, gaining insight and inspiration. Each episode focuses on the stories, challenges, and wins military entrepreneurs have faced in their businesses. The creation of Drop And Give Me 20 was a key component in the growth of the company from the relationships built with the incredible guests featured on the podcast.

With that in mind, here’s your bonus tip: hosting a podcast, if done authentically, can build a network of friends and professionals that will help you boost your business in ways you may not have thought about yet. If you’re not ready to start your own, then consider reaching out to be a guest on an existing show.

If you are ready, then head over and start listening to Drop And Give Me 20 for the best example of how to incorporate a podcast into your business!

Bobbie Anne Williams