| 2020 Vision

2020 Vision

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Welcome to 4th quarter of 2019! In the world of marketing, that means we’re already living in 2020. Let’s talk about how to get your marketing kick started for a clear vision in the new year.


Now, before the holiday madness begins, is the time to review your data from the year. What marketing tactics worked and what didn’t? View your top posts and see which content received the best response. Did you try something new that can be improved and repurposed for the upcoming year?

Take a look at your marketing budget as well. If there was a campaign or project that fell short, move those funds elsewhere for improved campaigns or new areas of marketing such as traditional marketing to digital marketing. If you don’t have a marketing budget yet, review the areas of your business where you could start small. There are many digital options and local sponsorships that can be an affordable option for a new or small business.


We like to plan ahead for everything! Get your creative team together or if you’re solo pick a day for yourself, to plan and schedule your new ideas for 2020. Freshen up your feeds, graphics, profile pictures, and print materials for storefronts. Are there new social media features that could be utilized? If you’re a business new to marketing, start with a planning platform such as Basecamp2, Asana, or even a Google Doc to organize your fresh ideas now. This will give you time to make any adjustments needed before the new year begins.

Need help reviewing and planning? We offer hourly coaching sessions! Reach out to bobbieanne@germono.com and I’ll help you get your marketing organized and create a 2020 marketing plan!

Bobbie Anne Williams