| 3 Beginner Tips For Video Conferencing

3 Beginner Tips For Video Conferencing

3 Beginner Tips For Video Conferencing

by Molly Vivian, Marketing Intern

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has modified nearly every aspect of life, including changes for small business owners to work and manage your team remotely. In a series of blogs, we’re going to be talking about the unique situations you could be encountering with our current social distancing protocols and offering some tips that will ease this transition.

One huge advantage that the small business owner has is your ability to flex! You are already used to wearing many hats- CEO, CFO, HR, Marketing Manager, and CWB (Chief Worker Bee). Recognizing the strengths you’ve already developed and sharing those skills with your team is just another day at the office (pun intended!) for you.

We’re screaming into a new age of communicating at a distance. This is an opportunity to get up to speed on the technologies available to meet and communicate electronically. Whether you are already familiar with video conferencing or having your very first ZOOM meeting, I’ll leave you with three tips for the new meeting norm:

1. Mute your microphone

2. Mute your microphone

3. Mute your microphone

Seriously, the audio pick-up on today’s technology will let every audience member of your meeting know when your wash cycle is over, that your kids are watching TV upstairs, and if your dog’s toenails need clipping as Rover paces the hardwood floor next to you.

My next tip would be to coach your staff to log into the meeting a few minutes before it starts to test out their video and audio. I’ve coached several participants who are new to video meetings with a practice session to test their equipment. Anyone can set up a video chat with ZOOM. Lastly, just because you can attend a meeting in your PJ’s doesn’t mean you should! Set the tone for your team.

If you have questions about remote work, reach out on social media or send your questions to info@Germono.com

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