| 3 Posts To Boost Your Facebook & Instagram Engagement

3 Posts To Boost Your Facebook & Instagram Engagement

Due to the frequency of changes in social media, creating a post that results in high reach and engagement can be challenging.  Here are 3 ideas to include in your social media plan based on our research and experience with our clients:

1.  The “Pick One” post
Post an image of something relevant to your business, industry or even current events with a simple text asking your audience if they agree or disagree, like or dislike etc.   It can even be as simple as this:

“We have decided it’s time to paint our reception area.  We need your help!  Gray or Tan?”   Then post an picture of the reception area with the words Gray or Tan on the image.

This is a fun way for your clients to feel included without feeling obligated to buy something and can help increase their loyalty in the process.

2.  The “Fill in the Blank” post
Another interactive and effective way to engage with your followers is to post an image and ask them to describe it.   An example for a hair salon would be to post a before and after picture of a new hair style (with permission of the model/client, of course)  with the simple caption of  “In one word finish this sentence.  Erin’s before and after hair transformation is….”   When it comes to engagement, posts that evoke emotion are always a plus!

3.  The “People” post
If you have a page that typically only posts out information about your business or articles related to your industry, then maybe it is time to post something “new.”   Great examples are posts about your team members, family members or furry friends.  Do you have a customer who has been loyal to you from the start?  Why not highlight them one week with their picture at your location with a short bio.  They will likely share it out on their page, which helps give you more exposure to a broader audience.

While these three posts may not gain you 500 new followers overnight, they will certainly help your page reach new “eye balls”  and followers over time.  Try adding one a week over the next three weeks as a starting point and let me know how it goes.  Remember, if you feel stuck with what content to post, I can create a content strategy specifically for your business.  Simply call our office at 757-777-3780 or email us at info@germono.com

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