| 3 Tips For Posting During Holidays

3 Tips For Posting During Holidays

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Whether it’s a brief summer holiday weekend or an extended winter holiday season, holidays function a little differently in the lives of both customers and businesses. Here are a few tips on posting during holidays to keep your social media running smoothly.

Plan- Do not let a holiday sneak up on you, realizing you have no time left to put out content or worse… rushing and throwing out messy unthoughtful content that’s posted at an odd time of day just to have something out. Big no, no! Rushed and unthoughtful content can have a negative effect on your future views, so take the time to plan in advance. We recently wrote about how the agency organizes our content to plan for the months ahead, check it out here.

Analytics- Heads up, your analytics are going to be different around any holiday so don’t let it surprise you. Schools are out and many adults are off of work; therefore, your peak post times will change. Keep this in mind if you plan your content in advance (again, I highly recommend doing so). Adjust your posting flow accordingly. Many people take more time to consume content during their days off, and others who normally interact might not consume any content at all during a holiday. Make note of this when comparing your insights and data from previous weeks.

Sales- Every business on social media is going to be posting sales around any holiday. By the time the holiday arrives, consumers are tapped out of anything sales-related. Stand out above the noise by posting something more refreshing like a personal post about your employees or incorporate a narrative about how your team celebrated the holiday previously. In our experience, these types of posts typically perform well with a trending topic such as a holiday. Ride that trending topic train!

Remember your normal groove is not your holiday groove. If you need help finding your holiday social media rhythm, contact me to set up a one-on-one session! bobbieanne@germono.com

Bobbie Anne Williams