| 3 Ways To Make Social Media Marketing Easier

3 Ways To Make Social Media Marketing Easier

3 Ways To Make Social Media Marketing Easier

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

I know that social media marketing can feel intimidating, that’s why I’m here to help. I’m going to give you 3 ways to make social media marketing easier for you and your business!

Which Social Media Platforms Should I Be On?

Should I say it…? Your business doesn’t have to be on every platform. There, it’s out! Your marketing and advertising should be fun. If you are working solo, running your business, and juggling your marketing, you are going to feel overwhelmed. It may seem like being on every social media platform is the best idea, but not every platform is going to be a good fit for your business. Take it back to the basics. Start with one platform at a time to find your rhythm and understand your audience. Learn what is the best fit for your business and perfect that platform first before adding another one to manage.

If you have multiple platforms to produce content for, simplify your work by repurposing the same content for each platform. You just need to tweak the description and image size to fit each platform.

Social Media Handles

Is your business easy to find on social media? If you have inconsistent handles then you are making it difficult for new followers to find your business. Your “handle” is the username of your social media account. This is how people will search your business, so make sure to stay as close as possible to your business name and keep it consistent.

Certain platforms will restrict the number of characters you can use. On Instagram and Twitter @GermonoAdvertisingCompany was too long, so we truncated it to @Germonoads. This allows us to be easily found when people are searching within the platform for our name.

Online Events

We have seen a lot of changes in how events are held in 2020, with many of them moving online for the first time. To help this transition, Facebook has given us some tools to make the most of hosting our events online! Make it easy for your followers to buy tickets, get updates, and share your event all in one place. Here are some features to utilize to help make marketing your event a breeze:

  • If you’re selling tickets, connect them to your Facebook Event. This will allow followers to purchase a ticket from the description without having to leave the event page. If you are not selling tickets but have limited space, you can require attendees to reserve a spot for no fee in the ticket section of the event page.
  • Post content and updates within the event page. If a follower has clicked “interested” on your posted event, then they will receive notifications on updates made within the event. Start conversations, go LIVE, and encourage followers to share the event in the “Discussion” tab!
  • You can find a short demo of these features here.

I hope these tips help you make social media marketing easier for yourself! If you would like further assistance on learning how to better manage your social media, I offer virtual hourly coaching sessions. You can reach me at bobbieanne@germono.com



Bobbie Anne Williams