| 3 Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile

By Morgan Volta, Marketing Coach

Jumping into the networking realm can be daunting! Have you ever stumbled over your words trying to break the ice between you and another professional? LinkedIn is a useful tool to help you get on someone’s radar before the big meet and greet in person. Not only does it help to establish your credibility because it’s a trustworthy site, but it also lays out your professional history up to the very present. Also, physically typing out what you’ve accomplished may help you realize skills that you have acquired over time.

So maybe you have a great LinkedIn profile established, but you want to make sure you’re impressing your potential clients. Let’s talk about a few tips that might add a little zing to your profile before you click ‘Connect’.

  1. A profile photo is critical and let me tell you why: It’s proven that you will receive 9 times more connections, you will have 21 times more profile views, and you will receive 36 times more messages in your inbox! Much of the reasoning for this is because it gives potential connections the opportunity to put a name to the face (more personable), and it helps give them a better perception of what your personality might be like. For example, if your profession is photography your profile photo will likely be more imaginative than someone whose profession is banking, whose profile may be more reserved. Just like in any job interview, the way you portray your image can leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. So, as long as you display a professional photo with a nice smile, you will begin to increase your chances of connecting with other great professionals!
  2. Did you know that over 300,000 people use the ‘Industry’ filter to find professionals they would like to connect with? When detailing your work experience, take that extra step to add your industry, because it can make all the difference! If you are in the food service industry and you wish to connect with professionals in news and media to help promote your next event, you would most likely filter out connections that won’t help you reach your end goal. It’s quicker and more efficient, which is LinkedIn’s overall strategy for all of its users.
  3. One of many new updates also includes an option to ask for recommendations! How handy is this? Aside from adding media that shows examples of your work, this feature gives users the opportunity to request recommendations from co-workers, fellow students, or supervisors etc. Just like the ‘add a note’ feature when connecting with someone, you can also pre-write your recommendations before you request them. Perhaps you want your previous supervisor to highlight your skill with Microsoft Office Suite; you can customize a message to that supervisor asking them to include that in their recommendation. Once they submit the recommendation, you will receive a notification for approval before it becomes visible on your profile. This is an amazing opportunity to show potential connections what others have to say about your work, and new clients definitely prefer to work with people that have been recommended by someone trustworthy.

I hope that as your mouse hovers over the ‘Connect’ button, that you will press it with confidence! If you would like to know more about creating an impeccable profile, drop me a line: Morgan@Germono.com or call 757-777-3780 to schedule a consultation.  I coach clients all across the states with social media strategies to help drive their business. LinkedIn is my go-to business tool for networking and you can check out my profile here: Morgan Volta LinkedIn.


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