| 5 Reasons to Attend a Workshop

5 Reasons to Attend a Workshop

By Anna McGrath, Marketing Intern

Attending workshops are a fun and different way to gain knowledge on a variety of topics. Attending workshops also introduces many new ideas that may have not been on your radar. Today I will highlight some of the top five reasons you should attend a workshop!

  1. To Learn.

This may seem obvious, but attending a workshop is one of the best ways to learn more about what you may be interested in. Attending workshops that are specific to your company’s focus or industry will  expose you to so many new and exciting ideas. Hearing a different perspective on your industry can help rev up those long lost bits of inspiration.

  1. To Network.

Attending a workshop means you will be in a space with many other like-minded individuals. Being around professionals inside and out of your industry is a great way to make connections. During the workshop you can mingle and bounce ideas off one another. Don’t forget to bring a business card!

  1. To Receive Different Perspectives.

Have a question about your business or company? Workshops are a great place to receive advice and hear your ideas in a new way. Many workshops leave time to chat with the presenter and they are almost always willing to answer any questions you may have and discuss different topics further.

  1. To Invest in Yourself.

Attending a workshop means you will learn new things and think in a new and exciting way. Even if you aren’t sure how the workshop will benefit you or your business, attending a workshop is a great investment in your future. Sitting down and learning through engaging activities can even help inspire you with fresh ideas. Going to a workshop also helps you step outside of your comfort zone and experience new things. If you can take away at least one new idea, you’ve found value in the workshop.

  1. To Have Fun!

There are countless workshops on so many different things. Find workshops that stimulate your mind and help you to have fun! Socializing with the people around you while enjoying different refreshments is a great way to relax and unwind while still being able to learn!


Workshops have many great benefits. If this list convinced you that a workshop is in your future, Germono Advertising Company would love to see you at our next Lattes and Laptops workshop. The workshop is an educational guide to social media. Stay tuned in to our feeds for our next event or contact me to learn more about it: anna@germono.com

Germono Advertising Company Team