| 5 Tips For Working From Home

5 Tips For Working From Home

5 Tips For Working From Home

By Bobbie Anne W, Marketing Assistant

Many business owners and employees around the world are transitioning to remote work for the first time. As a Germono ninja, I thrive working from home, but working remotely isn’t for everyone. For those who are used to working in a structured management regulated setting – such as an office space – it can be a struggle adjusting to a work from home environment. If you find yourself struggling, here are 5 tips to make your transition easier.

Time Block

Your manager won’t be popping around the corner to check on you. Start your week by time blocking or batching your tasks to keep yourself in check.

Begin by making a master checklist for every task that needs to be complete by the end of your workweek. Checklists will be your friend. Trust. Me. Determine how much time you need to allot for completing each task, then distribute those tasks accordingly. You can distribute by blocking your days by the hour or batching your tasks by days. Write down your time blocks and reference back to your master checklist throughout the week. This will assure you are on track and will give you the opportunity to pivot if needed.

Find Your Groove

Your work from home environment will be less structured than your typical workspace, giving you the opportunity to create your own structure that works best for you. You get to find your groove. This is what I love most about working from home. It can take a few days with a few trial runs, but once you find the best work flow for you, you will be more efficient than ever.

Personally, I like to split my day into thirds. I work on multiple tasks a day with 3 short breaks rather than a single project for an entire day with a single break in the middle that is typical for an in-office environment. This greatly increases my focus and helps me avoid mental exhaustion throughout the day. Your daily routine may look completely different and that’s okay. Each individual Germono ninja has a different groove, and you will too.

Over Communicate

Whether you are the head of a team, or part of the team, consistent communication throughout your workday is going to be vital.

Working from home is isolating and employees will be less inclined to reach out for help. If you are head of a remote team, check on your employees frequently. Ask them questions and review their progress. As a remote employee, communication and connection with your team is important. Mistakes are made with a lack of communication and connection to the team will keep up morale.

Remove Distractions

Working from home is distracting. Your at-home chores are staring you in the face and Netflix is calling your name. Remedy this by showing the same respect to your in home work space as you would your in office environment. Turn off the T.V., exit social media apps, and any other unnecessary distraction. Stay focussed.


Do not neglect self-care. Social cues for natural break times, like lunch, will be nonexistent. Schedule time throughout your day to stretch, walk around, get some fresh air, and grab a snack. Ask for help when you need it, and check on your other team members.

Use these tips to get started. If you have any questions about working from home that I didn’t answer, feel free to contact me at bobbieanne@germono.com

Bobbie Anne Williams