| 5 Tips for Television Advertising in Norfolk, VA

5 Tips for Television Advertising in Norfolk, VA

By Lindsey Germono, President

Television is not dead.  You can still advertise on television and yes, it works!

The landscape of television advertising has changed; therefore, it is important to have a strong relationship with each of your station representatives so you can work together to create successful campaigns.  Their companies invest a lot of money into education and training for them.  In my days of television advertising sales, I could not get through one week without a major update or training rolling out.

A good media rep doesn’t just want to take your money and not call you again until the buy is ready for renewal.  They want your campaign to see results and help make suggestions along the way to maximize your efforts.  Think about it this way: if the campaign doesn’t work, the rep loses your account AND the commission.  That’s a hard fact, but it’s true and important to remember if you’re feeling as if the rep is being pesky.

5 Tips for Television Advertising:

  1. Take the time to ask questions and listen to your rep’s suggestions.
  2. Review, review, review.  The campaign you start in 1Q should look very different from the campaign you’re running in 3Q.
  3. Hold monthly meetings with your station reps, even if you are not currently on-air, so you can share what’s happening at your location and they can provide feedback along the way.
  4. Ask them to explain media terminology to you.  The more you know, the more educated you become and that knowledge will power successful campaigns in the future.
  5. Ask about digital.  I’d bet my last dollar that every television station has a digital offering to compliment the on-air campaign.  How can your campaign take advantage of their digital options?

List of local television stations:




Cox, Fios, DirecTV, Dish




This blog could carry on for pages with all of the television advertising advice we have, especially for those wanting to advertise in the Norfolk, VA DMA (we locals just coin the area “Hampton Roads” or “Tidewater” if you’re reallllyyyy a local).  If you have any questions or need help with your Hampton Roads television campaign, you’ll want to consider our traditional media planning packages.  Call 757-777-3780 or email info@germono.com to discuss your needs.

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