| 6 Engaging Videos You Should Try

6 Engaging Videos You Should Try

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Static images can get stale for your followers. Engaging videos are a great way to break up your feeds, boost visibility, and change it up with your community! Here are 6 videos you can try mixing into your weekly posts:

1.  Q&A Video

Start simple by asking your followers to send in questions in advance to host a question and answer video. This can range in various topics from industry questions, a recent event, or even personal for entertainment. Don’t forget to close with a question for them in return to spark a thoughtful conversation. Remember it’s about your followers and target audience!

2.  Facebook Watch Party

Hosting a Watch Party allows you to watch and discuss videos in real time with your friends! This is an enjoyable way to connect with your community, with the added bonus that it’s time sensitive. You can only participate while the Watch Party is live. You can use this to give commentary on your own videos or watch something new together to open up fresh conversations. If you missed it, you can find more information on how to host a Watch Party here: germono.com/facebookwatchparty/

3.  Social Media Take Over Via Stories

Collaborate with another business or let an employee take over your Instagram Story for the day to chat with followers and show behind the scenes. Not only is this entertaining, but can show viewers a different angle of your business. The added perk of Story videos is that they can be saved and used in future posts for your feeds. Double the content!

4.  Educational Video

It’s easy when working on social media to get caught up in the “me mentality”. There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion, but it’s also nice to add a bit of value to your feeds too. Film an educational video about your industry or show a demonstration to help out your followers. This will also help build credibility for yourself or business within your community.

5.  Facebook or Instagram Live

Hosting a live video is a great way to interact with your community in a very authentic way. Just like a Story, it can be saved for later to post to your feeds or used for a Watch Party. You can go Live from desktop or mobile so it’s accessible and easy to do. You could also use this as another option for a Q&A session! Click here germono.com/three-tips-for-facebook-live/  for 3 Tips on using Facebook Live!

6.  360 Video

A little more high tech than the others, but really fun for viewers! Since it’s still in it’s early stages, 360 video isn’t compatible with all social media platforms just yet. Facebook and YouTube will be the best platforms for this type of content for now. You’ll need a special camera to record your video, but if you have one put it to use! Your followers will love it.

If you have another video suggestion, share with us in our Facebook Group: Drop and Give Me 20! Need help getting started? Reach out for a one on one session with me.  BobbieAnne@Germono.com or call (757) 822-8665.

Bobbie Anne Williams