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Ask Anything August

Ask Anything August

It’s that time of year again, when we answer all of those specific questions for different type of businesses! Keep reading to learn more about concepts to adapt to your businesses social media.

Photography Studios
Do you need help creating content to post? Here is an idea to post on your feeds: create a reel that summarizes all of your clients you had during the past week (or month). Within that reel, you could include behind the scenes pictures and videos to make it more interesting for the viewer. You could post it every other Friday and could name it Photo Fridays! 

Banks and Financial Institutions

Many banks and financial institutions miss out on opportunities to grow on social media.  A social media tip for the financial industry is to create educational snippets that are easy to digest for followers. For example, three tips on buying a home or three tips on how to maximize a savings account.

Nutrition Businesses

Here’s a tip for nutrition business! Create a stop motion wheel to show off the ingredient used for a certain dish. We used Life Lapse for this! Click here to watch it in motion: nutrition post idea

Clothing Stores

Clothing stores, this tip is for you! Every week, feature a certain brand that you carry. It will provide exposure to various brands and you can guide followers on why you carry that brand, what makes it unique, and any other special features.


Realtors, your tip is to create a Facebook event for a time and date to host a Facebook live for a listing! This is a great way to give folks an idea of the listing and allow you to separate yourself from competitors who might be apprehensive about this sort of thing. Nothing wrong with keeping it short and sweet, maybe even focusing on one area of the listing, like the beautiful kitchen. If they don’t catch the live, they can catch the replay in the videos section of your page…hello content! Bonus: show yourself making a nice dish to serve something easy like a fruit salad, so people can envision how they’d move around in the kitchen!


Here are some tips, so you can learn how to present the best photos for your restaurant social media feeds.
1. Take photos in bright lighting to help show the details of the food.
2. Show sophistication if it’s a fancy restaurant, go more for a fun vibe it’s a more casual restaurant. If this all sounds super overwhelming, hire a pro! We recommend Catherine Holmes Photography, a local Hampton Roads photographer.


Here’s an idea so you can increase engagement among your followers: create a weekly story with the quiz sticker feature. Followers will have the option to pick the beer of the week, answer a pop quiz, or guess the answer to a brewery question. By adding this feature, your customers feel as if they are a part of the company and it will increase engagement. Invite your customers to follow your social media accounts so they can weigh in.

If your business was not featured in this blog post, please email us info@germono.com for any inquiries. We also offer hourly social media marketing sessions, if you need any additionally help!

Germono Advertising Company Team