| It’s All About Branding Yourself

It’s All About Branding Yourself

By Cali Pinkstaff, Agency Manager


Brand yourself before you wreck yourself!

You hear the word so often, but what does it mean to have a brand or be branded? Before thinking about venturing out and starting your business, you must have some sort of vison in your head. Here are some questions you should ask yourself: What is my purpose? What is my ultimate goal? What type of audience am I speaking to? How am I going to stand apart from the rest? This all comes in to play for your brand. Your brand is not a temporary, one-time post. You must stick with it. It is going to be a collection of your company’s values, beliefs, talents, and everything else that makes your company unique. One thing to remember- always be synonymous.

When helping our clients find their voice and presence on social media, we always stay consistent and authentic. We find what is working for them and build upon that.

Research your competitors:

Be a creeper. Seriously. There is no harm in doing some good ol’ Facebook and Instagram stalking for this part. Figure out what your competitors are up to. What do they have that you don’t? Better yet….what do YOU have that they don’t.

Figure out your theme:

The trifecta: colors, images and graphics. Always stick with your theme. For better visual on this concept, I’ve been able to recently help a client create her theme. Here are some graphics/logos I created for her. Notice the consistent, clean theme? 

Now, find your flow:

Apart from the visuals, the verbiage you choose for your copy is just as important. What is your temperature? I’m not speaking Fahrenheit or Celsius here- I’m talking about your personality. Are you fun and flirty? Sassy and straightforward? Classic and professional? There isn’t a right or wrong answer. If you know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, you’ll know what we mean when we say that. He’s loud, crazy, and vulgar…but guess what? IT WORKS! He’s authentic and his personality sells!


If you need help figuring out your brand, feel free to drop me a line at Cali@germono.com! This is something that we offer along with other services. Happy branding!


Germono Advertising Company Team