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Client Involvement

As President of Germono Advertising Company, I involve my clients every step of the way when it comes to their marketing and advertising. I always include them in the decision-making process and help guide them by providing advertising research and education.

Last week I met with one of my favorite clients, Kim Dozier with LUSH Wine Events, and helped troubleshoot some issues, answered a ton of questions, and experienced a few advertising aha! moments. LG note: all of our clients are my favorite clients but Kim deals in alcohol so everyone wins.

If you have an agency or use a media buyer, I highly recommend in-person meetings. During these meetings, both of you will learn more about the business and the meeting will allow you to pick up on things you may not have noticed on the phone. For example, I was able to pick up on typos and we were able to go into immediate fix-it mode. I helped Kim plan her social media and grabbed action shots of something she is considering adding into her business (it’s a surprise…I can’t tell you). Lastly, we were able to work on our relationship together which is something I truly value and I learned more about champagne…again with the win-win.

If you don’t use an agency or media buyer- what are you waiting for?

Germono Advertising Company launched December 2013 as a full-service advertising agency specializing in traditional media buying and placement in the Norfolk DMA and focusing on helping local businesses succeed. For more information, visit www.Germono.com, like the Germono Advertising Company Facebook page at www.facebook.com/germonoadvertisingcompany or call 757-777-3780 to learn more.

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