| 029: Vethos

029: Vethos

029: Vethos

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey interviews Corey Christman, a retired Special Agent, a criminal investigator, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a wine maker, and an amazing leader who developed a company called Vethos. Vethos is a Human Capital Leadership and Executive Strategy firm. They help in creating leaders, building cultures and growing revenues.

Corey also talks about how he became an entrepreneur and shares some tips on the process of hiring the right people.

Important topics they discuss:

  • [01:21] What is Vethos all about
  • [02:08] From a retired special agent, a criminal investigator, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom to being an entrepreneur
  • [03:08] What made Corey become an entrepreneur
  • [03:38] How Corey’s learning in the service helps Vethos
  • [05:03] How to hire the right people the first time
  • [08:08] Tips on what the company can do to make sure that the newly-hired employee is going to stay
  • [10:59] Being a wine-maker
  • [12:50] Thoughts on entrepreneurs having more than one business
  • [14:28] Advice to those interested in entrepreneurship



“Basically, it’s bringing value to companies that have a disconnect between where they are today and where they want to go tomorrow.” – Corey Christman

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