| 032: How to Build Your Network

032: How to Build Your Network

032: How to Build Your Network

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey interviews Britni Miltner of Oak Tree Network and Channel Milbourne of Milspo Biz Connect. With the new talk show format, they discuss about building your network, their experiences on networking, and some tips on how to grow your network.

Britni Miltner is the owner of Oak Tree Network. It was created to encourage military spouse entrepreneurship and to connect local spouses with service Talents to share with other nearby military spouses.

Channel Milbourne is the founder of Milspo Biz Connect. It connects local consumers with military spouse owned businesses to strengthen and grow communities. Don’t miss this episode!

Important topics they discuss:

  • [01:14] Britni’s tips on how to build your network and how she connected with Channel
  • [02:10] Channel on meeting Britni for the first time
  • [02:45] How similar their businesses are and how they help each other
  • [03:30] How referral system would be advantageous if you are networking with each other
  • [03:55] Some of the things Channel does in building her network
  • [04:55] Do your research first before taking a referral
  • [05:56] How they avoid replying in sales mode when there’s a post or a question in a social media group
  • [07:05] Social media platforms they use to grow their network
  • [08:33] Some of Britni and Channel’s favorite organizations that are helpful to their personal and professional growth as they’re networking as military spouses
  • [10:43] The difference between Channel’s conversation with the chamber and her conversations in military networking group



“Really mix and mingle because you’ll be surprised of what people know and how they can help you grow.” – Channel Milbourne

“Everybody has something to offer, to teach you. You can learn something from just about everybody.” – Britni Miltner

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