| The Importance of Diversity in Your Content

The Importance of Diversity in Your Content

Stock images.  We use them.  You should consider using them too.  They help because you can mix them into your social media and/or website content.  We have just a few seconds to form opinions and visuals are a key factor in this process.

Just recently, I saw a post in a Facebook group asking for recommendations on where to find stock images that reflect diversity.    It was spot on!  I began to pour over the suggestions and wanted to high-five everyone who commented but I couldn’t because I’d be hitting the computer and that’s typically frowned upon. So, just as any nice social media user should, I asked the group if they’d mind if I compiled the suggestions and share with you nice readers.

These sites below are not affiliate links, so we do not benefit from you clicking on them.  However, what happens when you land on their site is their business.  Be a good egg and follow their rules before using which I’ve also added for you as well because that’s also just a nice thing to do.

Picnoi: http://picnoi.com/terms-of-use/

Mocha Stock: http://www.mochastock.com/pages/terms-and-conditions.html

nappy:  https://www.nappy.co/license/

Haute Stock:  https://hautestock.co/terms-condtions

WOCinTech:  https://www.flickr.com/people/wocintechchat/

TONL:  https://tonl.co/pages/terms-of-use

SC Stockshop: https://www.scstockshop.com/pages/useage-agreement

Unsplash (a personal favorite and where I grabbed the featured image for this post): https://unsplash.com/terms


Blog photo credit: wocintechchat.com

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