| Why Creating Engaging Videos is Important for your Business

Why Creating Engaging Videos is Important for your Business

By Germono Advertising Company Marketing Assistant Super Ninja

You pull up your phone, head to Facebook or Instagram and within a few seconds of scrolling, you’re sucked into a video of someone preparing a delicious -most likely out of your calorie budget- gooey cheesy recipe. Next thing you know, you’re wiping the drool from the side of your mouth. You scroll some more, and you’re sucked into another video of someone rescuing and rehabilitating a puppy. Your eyes well up with tears. What do these videos have in common? They drew you in. They made you stop whatever you were doing and made you pay attention.

So here’s the main question: why and how would an engaging video like this be important to your business? How many times on your own social media have you liked, shared or even just showed someone a video that you thought was interesting. Think of the impact that those videos have on you personally. When you create an engaging video, you’re not just selling your product or your service, you’re selling your business ethics, uniqueness, and ability to communicate on a more personal level.

There are three routes you can take when making an engaging video:

1. Emotional route:

By nature, we are feelers. Individuals like to feel the power behind a message. It will let others know that you are genuine.  Like this one here:

Dogs Are So Happy To See Their Parents Again

These dogs are reuniting with their moms and dads — and they're SO HAPPY to see them ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, April 30, 2018


2.  Entertaining route:

Everyone likes to be entertained. It helps keep things light and distracts from negativity.  Check this one out:

3. Informational/Instructional route:

Showcase your product or your service. Consumers are more likely to purchase or visit when they can see things in action before deciding. This also gives you a chance to describe how your company differentiates itself from others.

View this post on Instagram

Rainbow Croissants make us happy 🌈 ♥️

A post shared by Tasty (@buzzfeedtasty) on



We’ve said this before: social media marketing is an important part of any organization’s messaging. If you can adapt with social media, your business will be successful. Consumers do not want to just see a product, they want to be able to feel, look and listen. When you post a video, it cuts out the demand for reading and helps you engage all types of audiences. Remember to always have a call to action. Ask the audience to comment, like, follow or even share the post. People can tell when a business is just trying to push a product. They can also tell when a business truly cares about what they do. When you make it about pleasing the audience, the money and benefits will soon follow.


Tips to remember when making an engaging video:

  • Upload directly to Facebook: This ensures that you can track the analytics.
  • Make it personal: People love seeing your genuine side!
  • Add variety: Keep your followers on their toes and try different things.
  • Keep it short and sweet: It’s 2018. People have a short attention span and yearn for instant gratification.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have on this subject and guide your organization on a social media path that will entice viewers.  Did you know we offer educational and training sessions in addition to our tailored one-on-one services (all real live people here…no bots).  Call 757-777-3780, or email info@germono.com- let’s set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn more about your needs.

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