| Facebook and Instagram Changes

Facebook and Instagram Changes

Facebook and Instagram Changes

By Jasmine Pierce

This year, we have seen the many changes among the various platforms including Facebook and Instagram! Throughout this blog, we are going to breakdown each change and misconception to decrease the confusion.

Now, keep on reading if you would like to learn more about the different features these major platforms  like to offer.

Meta Business Suite
By now, your Facebook and Instagram accounts will have been switched to Meta Business Suite for managing your professional pages. Many features you’re used to seeing will have moved or been replaced. The most notable of these changes will be for Insights, scheduling, and Ad Center. All of these will now be unavailable on your main page and will have to be viewed and managed through Meta Business Suite. Heads Up, make sure you double check your feeds after posting, because business suite has glitches. We are seeing posts go out on the wrong feeds, scheduled posts not going out in advance, and tags not working.

Instagram Enhanced Tags
There is a new and exciting update coming to Instagram that will be extremely beneficial for your business. The update will include 3 new features including: product tags, enhanced people tags, and ranking change!

  1. Product tags will allow anyone (not just businesses) to tag your products onto your feeds. This will bring a lot of attention to your business!
  2. Enhanced people tags allows you to add a category to yourself on your profile, for example “Photographer”, and will be displayed along with your name when tagged in content.
  3. There is a ranking change so original content of pieces you created will be shown more on the feed, compared to content that is reposted.

These new features are great because it allows businesses to get credit for their work and will also drive more attention to your feeds!

Instagram Feed Choice
Here’s an Instagram update you’ll want to know: users can now toggle their feeds to view It includes Following and Favorites. This absolutely has an effect on the performance of your posts. However, instead of just viewing your followers in chronological order. You can now create list of your favorite accounts, to ensure your don’t miss out on their posts!
Make sure you are guiding followers to engage with your posts. Ask them to add your profile to their favorites list. And guide them on how to do that. This will encourage more engagement on your posts and will guarantee that your followers will see your post!

Getting Paid to Post Content
Did you know now on Facebook you can get paid for building connections with your clients! Also, there are updates to the Reels Feature. The major platforms are now pushing more original content to be produced which results in more compensation for creators.  Now head to Facebook and build some connections!

New Updates to Instagram and Facebook

As creators are becoming significant users of Instagram, the platform has done tons of new features designed explicitly for Creators. Users can create videos on Reels that are 90 seconds long. Creators can now import your own audio in reels, this heavily requested feature allows users to record anything and use that as audio to their Reels videos. Additionally, there is now Interactive stickers in Reels. It includes a quiz sticker , emoji sliders, and poll stickers which are coming to Reels, making them more interactive as the Stories are.

Well that’s all folks, If you need help navigating these changes, we offer hourly coaching sessions! Send us a message or shoot us an email at info@germono.com

Germono Advertising Company Team