| Facebook tips for your business

Facebook tips for your business

Facebook tips for your business

By Justice Abbott, Marketing Intern

Facebook is one of the “O.G.” social media platforms that continues to update and remain relevant for individuals and businesses everywhere. As a business owner, there are very easy things you can do within Facebook to successfully market your business! Our “Facebook 101” tips will guide you on the right path toward an effective Facebook account.

Your About Section

When visitors first come to your page, they are likely to check out your company tabs, like your about section. Visitors do this because they are interested in your business and want to learn more information about you! It is important to periodically update this section to make sure you have all of the most up to date information. Make sure you have a working phone number and email address listed so visitors are able to direct any inquires to you. We also find it imperative that you double, and even triple check your linked company website because it is easy for an inactive link to be posted or for this link to navigate people to the incorrect page.  As a business owner, your mission statements or objectives can be ever-evolving and it is crucial to keep this information as accurate as possible on your Facebook page so those interested in your business can easily see what you are offering and take the next steps to connect with you!

Increasing Page Likes

Facebook focuses on the engagement of friends, follower, and customers. As a business owner, you will often be prompted by Facebook to invite people to follow your page. This is perfectly fine and we encourage you to do this as it gets your page more publicity, which can result in more business. However, when inviting people to follow your page, we recommend including additional verbiage that tells people what your page is all about and why they should follow and/or like it. A short, inviting message has potential to be better received by those you are targeting. Something like:

“As many of you know my company started a Facebook page. We really appreciate it if you liked and followed our posts!”

Feel free to copy that invitation and use it on your Facebook to invite your friends to your page!


This is one of the best features you can use as a busy business owner! Scheduling will make your life so much easier and take a load of stress and work off of your plate. You probably know about the scheduling feature for your normal Facebook posts, but now both Facebook and Instagram let you schedule your stories from the business manager site! Scheduling posts and stories will save you so much time and you won’t have to worry about posting every day because you can just go in and set the date and time for a post or story to go out. We recommend scheduling up to a month in advance, just so you have time to review your verbiage and graphics. This way your social media will be running like a well-oiled machine and you can focus on the rest of your to-do’s! If you’re not familiar with Facebook’s business manager, just go to business.facebook.com/


Facebook allows you to create and promote events right on your page. We think this a good feature to take advantage of because it allows you to announce important upcoming things and these announcements will get the attention of other Facebook users, increasing the chances of people attending your event or  just following your page. There is an events tab that you can continuously update on your Facebook page, announcing things like a special event at your physical location: grand opening, trunk show, clearance event, a special promotion online, encouraging followers to check online for the details, even the release of a podcast episode. Creating events in Facebook will even allow you to gain new interests because the event will be shown to people who haven’t liked your page before!


Creator Studio

Facebook has many different management tools that are here to make the lives of business owners easier. Creator Studio allows you to manage content, track performance, and connect with your audiences on Facebook and Instagram, all in one stop! What’s different about Creator Studio, is that it is available directly through Facebook, making it a native tool that offers even more insights and features into your Facebook page. Unlike Business Suite, Creator Studio is a content hub for uploading, scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and tracking all of your content which will make your Facebook journey as seamless as it could possibly be! We recommend using Creator Studio because it allows all members of your team to draft and edit content simultaneously and work together. To use this awesome feature, just head over to https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio and get started!

These are just a few of our Facebook 101 tips that should help you take on social media like a champ! Facebook has so many unique features that are set up to help you get the most from the platform. Please take advantage of these simple tips and apply them to the way you use Facebook! For more information on the ins and outs of everything Facebook, contact me directly at Justice@germono.com


Germono Advertising Company Team