| Five Apps I Love (And that make my life easier)

Five Apps I Love (And that make my life easier)

With clients in several states and an on-the-go lifestyle, my phone has become my main tool for getting work done while also having a little fun. Without access to all of my marketing tools via apps, I would not be able to work effectively or provide great service to my clients. So, here are a few apps that have made my life easier. I hope they’ll help make yours easier, too. 

  1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite allows me to manage multiple social media platforms for multiple clients right form the palm of my hand. I can quickly toggle between each client and platform to ensure I’m managing everything effectively. While it will not post to Instagram for you, you can schedule your posts and receive a notification when it’s time to let them fly.
  2. Canva: I can’t access the Adobe creative suite on my phone, nor am I the world’s greatest graphic designer. Canva allows me to create graphics on the fly and it’s super simple to use.
  3. Snapseed: I have to admit, a client actually turned me on the this app and I’ve been in love ever since. This photo editing tool has changed my life with its capabilities. From preset filters to custom editing tools, Snapseed has a ton of options to make your pics pop.
  4. iMovie: I said I’m not the world’s greatest graphic designer and you can double that sentiment when it comes to video editing. iMovie has allowed me to easily cut videos down in size (probably not even the correct video editing term) as well as eliminate background noise and record voice overs or overlay music.
  5. Boomerang: What can I say, Boomerang is just fun. I love to use Boomerang as a way to break up the images on my Instagram feed with video, without having to actually take a video. 

As an extra tip, don’t forget to download apps for the web-based programs you use every day. I also get plenty of use out of the Basecamp, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, WordPress and Squarespace apps.  

If there’s an app you love, let us know! We’re always looking for new tools. For help on how to incorporate these fun tools into an overall marketing strategy, shoot me an email at jennifer@germono.com. In fact, one of the services we offer is marketing coaching where we cover this exact topic and many others – we tailor the session to you. Reach out to me directly via the address above, or learn more by clicking HERE

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