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Get Organized With Us

By Molly Vivian, Social Media Intern

My third day at my new job I showed up for a meeting 24 hours and 15 minutes early. I stood on a cold empty street before a dark building, calling my boss to ask her where, exactly, I was supposed to be. She’s quick for someone getting a slightly panicky call at 7:15 a.m. “In life? Or right now?”, she quipped. She was home enjoying her morning coffee, calmly viewing her project calendar.

Planning your social media content and using automated schedulers will never leave you wondering where you’re supposed to be. By the end of my first week I was up to speed on the tools we use to stay on top of it all. Here are three essential applications we use to keep us on track. All have desktop and mobile versions so you’re never without your schedule.

We plan our social media campaigns with Basecamp2. Projects are planned and tracked, and updates are automatically sent to our email. Everyone always has the most current information and we know what each team member is in charge of, its status, and what is posting when. Every detail can be planned and noted when it’s ready for publication.

Social media posts can be reliably automated within their apps. Facebook and Instagram have a common desktop scheduling tool, Facebook Creator Studio. Twitter posts can also be scheduled in advance at Tweetdeck. Scheduling within an app is preferred to third-party schedulers that promise all-in-one scheduling convenience. They don’t get the same posting priority of your posts for your audience. Checking your analytics with Facebook Page Insights and Instagram Insights, Analytics on Twitter, and LinkedIn will guide you to the optimum time for scheduling content based on how your followers engage with your content. Easy-peasy, right?

For internal planning, ZOOM Meetings & Chat is a convenient meeting tool for a mobile work team and remote clients. We use group video chats when we need to communicate in real time, like in our weekly team meetings. With people working on two coasts, everyone gets to share ideas while they enjoy their cup of coffee from the office or home. ZOOM also has a great chat feature for quick questions about a project. Meetings on ZOOM can be recorded for reference later. No more wondering after a busy conversation, “Did they want this or that?”
And maybe the handiest tool for my busy schedule: upcoming meetings sent to my email can be added to my email calendar. Just don’t forget to set a reminder!


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