| Ways To Hightlight Your Team

Ways To Hightlight Your Team

By Lindsey Germono and Bobbie Anne Williams

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Bobbie Anne: Is it satisfying to step back to look at and highlight the success of a goal or project that your business has completed? Absolutely! However, it’s equally as important to lean in and give recognition to the cogs that work together to keep everything running smoothly. Tell your followers about a team members specialty, show a glimpse of their personal hobbies, or let a team member take over social media feeds for a day! From what I’ve experienced, team members work best when they feel appreciated, myself included. As an employee, I’m entirely more motivated to reach higher and invest in a business when the team is mutually being invested in. An additional layer to shining a light on your team is that they will carry over appreciation for your customers, which will undoubtedly attract more clients. It’s a win-win here!

Lindsey:  One of the most exciting phases of my business was when I was able to step back and let extremely talented people take over.  That didn’t happen right away.  I would say this has been 5 years in the making and involves a lot of synergy, trust, and expertise.  It also takes an incredible amount of communication and PLANNING.  This blog post was drafted by Cali, then I came in and put in my touch, and Bobbie Anne finished it.  I want our followers to understand our company culture immediately if they were looking at any of our social media feeds.  I do feel some posts are better suited for certain platforms over others, but you’ll typically see a very omnipresent strategy here:  it’s okay to be personal in your feeds and highlight your team and extend that out into your social media.

If you need ideas on how to do this, consider booking an hour marketing coaching session with Bobbie Anne, Cali, or myself.  You will walk away with ideas on how to do this without coming across as being braggadocios or narcissistic.  BobbieAnne@Germono.com or Cali@Germono.com.

Bobbie Anne Williams