| 5 Tips For Prepping Holiday Marketing

5 Tips For Prepping Holiday Marketing

5 Tips For Prepping Holiday Marketing

By: Julie Goode

It may seem too soon to start thinking about the holiday season.  We are here to tell you- you should be planning now! Here are 5 tips on what you should be thinking about in order to prepare your marketing plan for the busy holiday season!


Create A Plan:

It is a good idea to think ahead and plan for the holidays before it’s too late. This is why we are giving you ideas on what you need to start thinking about when creating your plan for the holiday season.

  1. Plan holiday offers or events. These are great ways to increase engagement. You can also plan to host fundraisers- holidays are also about giving back to the community!
  2. Strategize your advertising. Will you be running paid advertisements to promote your business? Or will you be hiring a marketing representative to help you to prepare for the busy season?
  3. Start your marketing campaign early. Have your holiday advertisements scheduled to be posted early to inspire the drive for early holiday shopping.
  4. Make sure your listings on your website are up to date. Plan your holiday hours and have them listed on your websites beforehand so it doesn’t lead to any confusion in the future.


Start Discussing Collabs Now:

Working with other businesses or local influencers is a great way to get exposure to new customers. There are many ways to partner with another business – host a parking lot sale, provide coupons at your counter for neighboring stores or offer a discount code for local influencers to use. Whatever you decide on, you’ll want to start planning NOW.


Prep Product Videos:

For many businesses, the fourth quarter of the year is the busiest time of year that leaves no room for extra workload – which unfortunately leaves social media marketing on the back burner. Help out your future self by prerecording product videos now! This way, you have a bank of content to use all season long without having to try to find time amongst holiday madness.


Host An Online Event:

Now that consumers are highly accustomed to online shopping, e-commerce continues to be a big promoting factor for retailers during the holidays! We suggest creating an online event to help promote your e-commerce options. Online events allow you to continue to connect with your customers as they shop from home. Showing product demos, featuring top items for the season, answering FAQs, and hosting giveaways…all are great ways to utilize online events for your business. If you’re hosting an online event for the first time, try out Facebook Online Events as an easy beginner’s step into a virtual holiday season.


Pay Attention To What Your Followers Are Into:

You should always care about what your followers are into. However, during the holiday season when social media feeds are flooded with other businesses also trying to get customers’ attention, it is even more important that you are putting out good content. This is why it is essential to pay attention to what your followers are actually into now so you can be prepared for then!


These are just a few of the ways you can plan holiday marketing in July. If you have any questions or want some more information on these tips, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at info@germono.com. We’d love to help!

Germono Advertising Company Team