| Honoring Sacrifices, Not Sales

Honoring Sacrifices, Not Sales

Honoring Sacrifices, Not Sales

by Molly Vivian, Marketing Intern

Managing your social media content to reflect the occasion is always an exercise in sensitivity as it relates to a social climate. Our current climate is very somber as personal health and economic worries weigh on our collective minds. Striking the right tone to both speak to our worries and alleviate our fears is a challenge.

Memorial Day is the traditional holiday that marks a welcome seasonal change. We anticipate the advent of warmer days, spending more time outdoors, attending family reunions, and embarking on summer vacations with the kids. The intent of Memorial Day for honoring our fallen is often lost and leveraged as just another sales opportunity in anticipation of summer.

Tempting as it may be to jump on the retail bandwagon to bolster flagging sales that have catastrophized our businesses with social distancing orders, being sensitive to the intent of Memorial Day is more appropriate than ever. Even as we itch to celebrate life, connect with people, and help our businesses recover, striking the right tone for your Memorial Day posts should prioritize honoring the ultimate sacrifice paid by the few for the many.

Bobbie Anne Williams