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Host An Event

By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff

It’s always a great idea to spice things up and attend networking events & workshops. How about hosting your own event? Think of the business and awareness to your brand that comes along with it! By hosting an event or workshop, you’ll open up doors to networking, growing your business, and reaching out to new and potential clients/consumers.

Here are three reasons businesses host events:


There is something about being around like minded individuals that sparks inspiration! Hosting an event to gather people with common interests or goals can turn your business into a hub for inspiration and welcome new potential clients/customers who will return over and over again from association with the event.


Hosting an event in house is a great way to organically raise awareness for your brand! The excitement of something out of the ordinary will encourage conversations by word-of-mouth. It’s also a great way to invite new people through the door who may not have had an opportunity to interact with your business otherwise.


We really enjoy hosting workshops beacause we love educating our followers. That’s what sets us aside from the rest. Speaking of…did you RSVP to one of our two LAST workshops of the year?? Click here to learn more. We’d love to see you there.


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Germono Advertising Company Team