| How To Be Omnipresent

How To Be Omnipresent

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

“I don’t have time to be on every platform every day”. We hear this all the time. Here’s a secret, neither do we! It all comes down to proper planning. Let’s get started!

  • Start with a shareable calendar. We use Basecamp2, however a Word Doc, Google Calendar, Doodle, or Asana can work. Decide which is best for you, but you’ll need something to organize your planning in one place.
  • Plan ahead. You can work your social media planning right into your regular schedule by choosing just one day a week to prep everything for the weeks (or even months) ahead. We do this by adding placeholders for events, holidays, etc. into our sharable calendar to create a skeleton for the month. Once you have your placeholders for everything you want to post out in the upcoming week/month, add in the details like verbiage, pictures, and videos.
  • Schedule your posts! This is the key planning tactic we use to be everywhere all the time. For Facebook you can schedule your content natively within the platform. For Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn we use a thrid party scheduling system called Hootsuite. This way you can have content posted daily without having to constantly be on social media.


Repurpose your content

Now that you have everything planned out, let’s talk about how to be on every platform. Good news, you don’t have to have different content for every social media platform!

  • Do not auto post! Repurpose your content by resizing your images and videos to the platform you are working on. You want to make sure everything looks professional and not copied + pasted.
  • Adjust your verbiage to fit the platform you’re working on as well. Hashtags are best for Instagram and Twitter, they’re not great for Facebook. Keep in mind that there are different character limits for each platform too which should be adjusted during scheduling your posts to each outlet.


Start with planning, schedule your content, and tada! You’re omnipresent on all social media! Need ideas on how to do this in your social media? Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation! BobbieAnne@Germono.com

Bobbie Anne Williams