| How to Boost Engagement With Your Followers

How to Boost Engagement With Your Followers

By Morgan Volta, Marketing Coach

How many ‘retweets’ has your Tweet received? Did anyone comment on the photo you posted on Facebook? Social media is a great tool for your business, but why is it important to engage with your followers?

The number of ‘likes’ you have accumulated on your Facebook LOOKS great, but think about how a single ‘like’ compares to a single review. Reviews may mean more than the amount of ‘likes’ a business has because they are authentic. The overall awareness of your business grows each time a person interacts on your social media, because it’s virtually shared with hundreds of their family and friends.

For example, I was trying to determine if a brewery I wanted to go to was pet-friendly, so I clicked on their Facebook page and found the reviews. Low and behold, the third review was 5 Stars because of how pet-friendly the establishment was! The person’s comments helped influence my decision to go, and I also got a good ol’ fuzzy feeling about visiting a business that someone spoke highly of.

The more you increase your social media engagement, the easier it will be to expand your marketing reach and drive customers to your business. Here are a few ideas to help get your followers involved with your posts, remember…you are pulling people in.  Create curiosity, clearly explain what you do, and engage!

  • Hold a Q&A: Allow your followers the opportunity to ask you some questions. An honest, down-to-earth conversation will strengthen your connection with them.  Gather questions in advance and upload a video, bonus points if it’s live!  If you’re nervous about video, no sweat.  You can create a series of graphics that list a question and answer!


  • Post a 30 second behind-the-scenes video and images: Clients will love to see how your business runs and what goes into it! Use your social media message to get your followers excited to watch and share it.  Just make sure your content is relevant.  Highlight the team, your clients, your products, and services.


  • Join Facebook groups: Connect with relevant audiences in your industry who may need solutions to problems you can address. Your participation will help drive traffic and engagement to your own Facebook business page because people will click on your profile to learn more about you.  Just be sure to list your company in the bio section of your Facebook profile, like this:   Feel free to hop on in and join our Facebook Group: Germono Advertising Company.


The idea is to increase the overall visibility of your content on your social media platforms. So let’s get to it!

If you need any help coming up with some ideas for your content, drop me a line: Morgan@Germono.com or call 757-777- 3780. I would love to help you with this!  I offer hourly consultations to learn more about your goals and help you create winning strategies!

Germono Advertising Company Team