| How To Help Your Team Work Remotely

How To Help Your Team Work Remotely

How To Help Your Team Work Remotely

by Molly Vivian, Marketing Intern

I have never worked in an office that didn’t have someone who wore too much perfume/cologne, talked too loud on the phone, or occasionally heated something questionable up in the breakroom microwave that haunted the office for the rest of the afternoon. What a relief to be working from home now! Right?

But how is your team adjusting to working from home?

The hangup of being always present in my home office is that my family assumes I am always available and this could be the case for your staff too. I have largely been working out of a home office for over 12 years now. It is not all it’s cracked up to be, but it’s also wonderful beyond measure! Before this was ever an option, I fantasized about a working oasis in the privacy of my home and many of your employees may have as well. The reality is much different. I have an adult daughter who now considers me as ever available for babysitting and a mother in another state who thinks that just because I am no longer at an outside office, I am available for an immediate discussion to every Messenger share on how to make my own facemask and disinfectant wipes.

Helping your staff set boundaries while working from home results in a more structured, productive workday. Here are 3 tips for you to guide your staff as we all embrace a new work mode.

· Recommend having an established workspace that is not shared with other household activities and encourage them to maintain a regular work routine.

· Advise them to remind their family and friends that you are on someone else’s clock during your working hours. Though they can see and talk to you, you’re not really there.

· While a more casual dress code is now an option, advise them to at least keep a respectable shirt on hand for video conferencing.

Share your own tricks for working from home with your team to help their transition. I prepare my meals and tend to the laundry outside my “working hours.” I schedule regular breaks so I don’t get burned out. I don’t check my personal email or play the TV in the background. Those are rabbit holes I know I can quickly fall into for hours, but I do have a cushion under my desk for my dog to keep me company. She is, by far, the best co-worker I have ever had!

As we all adjust to running a business from home, the Germono team is available for video consultations and is ready to assist with any of your social media marketing needs. Email us at info@Germono.com for an appointment.

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