| How to Incorporate Events into Your Marketing Plan

How to Incorporate Events into Your Marketing Plan

By Lindsey Germono, President

I know, I know…if you follow our blogs and social media posts, you’re seeing a ton of focus on marketing plans.  These plans are important and will set the entire tone for 2018 as you start to work on them – and we are here to help!  These plans take a long time to form, hours or even days, so it’s best to hack at it now before the holidays are upon us.  We create plans for our clients and for the agency, but I even create one for myself!

The idea is to create a social media plan for your business, and then one for you as an individual, with more of a personal focus to it.

A little tip: pick up a 12 month paper calendar for $20 bucks at a local office store.

So, let’s talk about those events I mentioned.  When you approach the marketing plan for your business, what events are you interested in sponsoring or being involved with from a business standpoint?

  • What events do your ideal clients attend?  For us, we are a service-based business and need to be next to business owners, as opposed to sales staff or supportive staff.  Sure these employees are important and can help you get in the door to the decision maker, but wouldn’t you rather place yourself next to the decision maker?
  • What events would make sense for you to sponsor?  Find ones that align with your mission, values, and speak to the heart of your business.  This may be a non-profit, local cause, or national organization.  Call the outreach division and introduce yourself.  See if there’s opportunity to help each other, also known as cause-marketing (and boom…looks like I have a new blog post idea).

Having your logo and business materials on a booth, trade show, or on an event website means exposure for your business!  Just make sure it makes sense and feel free to decline if it doesn’t.

Okay, go ahead and pencil those into that calendar you picked up from the local office store.

Next, which conferences or events do you want to attend for personal and professional growth?  This may be educational, motivational, or one that you’ve had on your radar because of the content and speakers.  If two events overlap, prioritize them based on the value you receive as an attendee or what you hope to learn.

  • In what areas could you use a bit more knowledge?  For me, I need to be up to speed on the latest when it comes to traditional and digital/social media, so I mix as many of those events in as possible and just sit, absorb, and learn from others.
  • Where can you use a bit of development?  For me, that would be on management and leadership, so I attend events where the best leaders are so I can learn a thing or two from them.

On this note, feel free to decline events you may have attended that aren’t working for you anymore.  Perhaps you have outgrown it, or you need to be exposed to fresh ideas.

Go ahead and put those personal events on that calendar and now you can step back and get an idea of how your year is going to shake out.  Step back and re-evaluate the plan.  Are you able to attend all of the events (be realistic)?  Which ones can you register for now and offset some of the costs by signing up early, discussing trade opportunities, or leveraging your services to help the conference?

Now, my online friend- I’d like to hear from you…leave a message here with your favorite or suggested conferences.  I’d love to mix them into my plan.  And if you need help strategizing all of this, we’re here to do that with you.  Send an email to info@germono.com or call 757-777-3780.  Happy 2018!

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