| How To Plan Your Marketing

How To Plan Your Marketing

How To Plan Your Marketing

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Local business owners wear many hats, and often times one of them is marketing. If you are handling your own marketing for your business, then I’m here to share with you our #1 top tip.

Look Ahead

Stop trying to “find time” to plan out your marketing. Plan ahead! We always recommend planning ahead 30 days in advance. This will relieve the stress of trying to figure out what to post on a daily basis, helps avoid missing promotional opportunities with media outlets, and gives you time to create quality content.

How To Plan

Planning your marketing doesn’t have to be another daunting task. Incorporate it right into your regular schedule. Choose just one or two days a month to organize and prep your marketing content.

  1. Start by adding placeholders for events, holidays, sales, etc. into a calendar of your choice to create an outline for the month. For teams, we recommend a shareable calendar program such as Basecamp or Asana. If you’re working solo, a Google Calendar is a great option.
  2. Once you have your placeholders for everything you want to post on social media or promote with media outlets, add the details into the notes section. This will be verbiage, pictures, and videos.
  3. Finish up by scheduling your posts! This is the key planning tactic we use to keep organized and save time. This way you can have content posted daily without having to constantly be on social media.

Breaking it down to these 3 simple steps and dedicating a couple days per month to planning and looking ahead for future marketing opportunities will have you feeling like a marketing pro! In the case that you do need assistance, I’m here to help. One-on-one virtual coaching sessions are available where I can help lay this out for you, plan out content, or even assist with giving a second opinion on verbiage and posts. Contact me at Bobbieanne@Germono.com to set up your complimentary 30 min consultation.

Bobbie Anne Williams