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How To Stay Trending

How To Stay Trending

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

The what challenge? What’s that meme about? #trendofthemoment

If you spend any time on social media then you know trends change too quickly to keep up with them all! To avoid creative exhaustion, find a balance between evergreen content and current trends to keep your feeds fresh.

Start by creating a base of evergreen content that can be re-purposed and shared often. Once you have your core topics start implementing new trending social media features into your evergreen content. When a social media company introduces a new feature, the company will encourage users to try it out. This typically means that content that uses the new feature will be pushed forward for a period of time. It will you give a small organic advantage, so don’t be scared to try out those new social media tools.

Trends usually can’t be planned for, however holidays will always be trending subjects and can easily be incorporated into your social media planning. Give your core topics a holiday twist or use this time as an opportunity to introduce something new.

If you like to post daily, then an easy way to search trending topics to discuss is by searching top hashtags on Twitter. Cross search those hashtags on Instagram and LinkedIn for different view points and demographics. Post and engage on the topics that pair well with the industry or community you or your business are a part of. Keep in mind that not all trends will be fitting for your business, but these will be a great place to start. If you need further help learning how to implement trends into your social media strategy, you can contact me at  BobbieAnne@germono.com

Bobbie Anne Williams