| How To Use Facebook Group Units

How To Use Facebook Group Units

How To Use Facebook Group Units

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Intern

What is a Social Learning Unit?

A Facebook group Unit is found in a social learning group on Facebook. These groups have all the features of a normal group, with the bonus of having a Units tab. This tab allows group admins to organize and reorder posts within the group.  Once posts are organized into Units, members of the group can tap or click “I’M DONE” to let you know they’ve read that post or completed a task assigned to that post. Once members have interacted with that button, admins can view group insights on post completion within the Unit.


How To Add A Unit

Adding a Unit is easy! You’ll want to do this on a desktop. Simply go to your group , click on the Unit tab, then add as many Units as you need from the “Create Unit” button. Once your Unit is created, titled, and given the description that it needs, you can start organizing posts into the Unit you choose. To add a post to a Unit, go to your “Discussion” tab. Find the post you would like to add, click the drop menu, then choose which Unit to add that post to. Once everything is in place, you can easily reorder or delete posts from a Unit in your settings.

You can find Facebook’s step-by-step guide here: http://facebook.com/help/184985882229224?__tn__=-UK-R

Not only are these great for boosting engagement but Units are such a helpful tool for educational groups and can be used in many different ways! If you have a networking group like ours, Drop and Give Me 20! , you can use Units for introductions. Start with an intro thread, then move on to individual threads for people to share their social media handles. They’ll mark “I’M DONE” once they’ve commented their handle and started networking with others. If your group is solely for education then use Units to guide your members through important chapters, themes, or tasks that need to be finished to help them complete your course. Units are meant for you to use to share knowledge and resources with you members, so be creative and don’t be afraid to try it out!

Need help setting up a group or have questions about the ways a group can be a great asset to your business? Please send me an email! You can contact me at bobbieanne@germono.com

Bobbie Anne Williams